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Total in the Community

London Total Removals is a family run and owned company that is proud of it's roots. Our community is important to us and here you will find stories of how we are helping out wherever we can.

             All Dressed Up!

We have been working with the charity All Dressed Up which gifts donated prom dresses to school students in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire that need them. Total's donation has allowed the charity to purchase some much needed clothes rails and our transportation has allowed access to and from their storage facility. Here are our team members Richard and Johnny trying out some of the fabulous outfits with the founder of the charity Lara Davies.

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Hearts & Helpers

The Total team got stuck in to help charity, Hearts & Helpers, develop a sensory garden for children with mobility issues and children that are neurodivergent.  The garden will provide a much needed safe space for children and their families to enjoy.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

London Total Removals helped celebrate the Queen's Jubilee in style, sponsoring an amazing fireworks display for a local street party. There was plenty of delicious food, from sausages to homemade cakes, all supplied by talented residents. Our very own Moose got his hips swinging with an outstanding Elvis impression!


It is our pleasure to sponsor fireworks night every year for the 19th Enfield Scouts. This year we also sponsored a fireworks event in our local area.


19th Enfield Scouts


The 19th Enfield Scout group contacted Total Removals for a storage solution. We were able to donate a shipping container that was then placed in the grounds of the hut - though not without a bit of mechanical help!!

Here are a few photographs that were taken of our local cub group making good use of our wardrobe boxes! Each cub spent the night under cupboard to experience what it might be like to be homeless. This was part of Homeless Awareness Week.


At Total Removals we don't like to throw anything away, so, as well as recycling our packaging materials, we also try and recycle everything we can from clothes to furniture. 

During house clearances and moves we often come across unwanted furniture and even clothes. We work with the local community and charities to try and recycle as much of this as we can. We have recently donated some wonderful 80's clothing to a local fashion college! 

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This chair was destined for the dump before it was intercepted by an upcycling enthusiast Total Removals work with. It took a year but the end result was worth it!


By Royal Approval!

Total Removals did their part for the local street V.E. celebrations  by lending one of our fleet to act as a projection screen for the Queen's speech.  It was a lovely, memorable day and a good time was had by all. 

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